ZM-Grow contains zinc, manganese, and sulphur extracted from used batteries, and can be used to grow a variety of crops, including amenity turf.

The micronutrients are extremely valuable for crops.

Manganese improves nitrogen uptake and photosynthesis, while zinc boosts cell elongation and sugar consumption and sulphur helps crops build protein.

Additionally, because there are limited recycling options for alkaline batteries, recycling them into fertiliser reduces the risk of toxic substances contaminating groundwater and the environment.

ZM-Grow is distributed in the UK exclusively by Badger Crop Nutrition and is retailed by selected partners.

Johnny Beck, agronomist at Agrovista Amenity, a retail partner of Badger Crop Nutrition, said: “In excess of 10 billion alkaline batteries are manufactured in the world each year, and just one battery can contaminate more than 160,000 litres of drinking water, should it not be disposed of correctly.

“ZM-Grow is making a real difference in overcoming this problem.

“Following trials at STRI over the summer, we’ve been able to launch the product at golf courses across the country, providing our customers with a highly ecological, organic fertiliser.”

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