Glass Recycling

Waste glass can be recycled into new glass containers

Busy bars, shops and a whole variety of businesses can benefit from a commercial glass recycling service. We can make glass disposal super simple with separate internal and external containers for glass waste collection. Greenzone can offer a national glass collection and recycling service, providing a tailored collection to suit your business needs, while our expert sales team can offer you advice about collections and containers.

Why choose Greenzone for your Glass waste?

We commit to providing an ethical and sustainable collection service, and we provide a 100% recycling solution for all glass collections we undertake.

Dependent on the quantity and nature of DMR waste clients produce, we can provide a range of containment solutions.

The most common types of containers are 120ltr, 240ltr and 360ltr bins. If you have a requirement for anything larger, we can still help.

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