Hazardous Waste

Contaminated waste disposal isn’t something to be taken lightly

Greenzone will ensure your business is compliant with UK Regulations and can provide a tailored solution for the safe disposal of all types of Hazardous Waste. Our bespoke approach to hazardous waste collections will ensure that you are provided with a personalised service, tailored specifically for your unique waste management requirements.  

Why choose Greenzone for your Hazardous Waste?

We will ensure that you are provided with the correct containment to safely store hazardous waste on site. Standard containment options include, but are not limited to:

Drums – open, clip top, vented

Palletised collections

Open and closed top IBCs

Spill pallets

Oil barrels

To ensure we are providing the most suitable and compliant service for your hazardous waste management needs, the Greenzone compliance team, accompanied by a hazardous waste specialist will conduct in-depth site audits. If required, we can take samples, enabling us correctly to classify the waste, and to identify the most environmentally advantageous disposal route, in line with the principles of the Waste Hierarchy.  

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