Hazardous Waste

If you produce hazardous waste, you will know that it is subject to significant regulatory requirements because of the harm it can cause to human health and to the environment.

There are a variety of properties that make waste hazardous which must be identified (including if the waste is corrosive, highly flammable or carcinogenic) – the keyword when dealing with hazardous waste is to be precautionary. 

There is more hazardous waste in your workplace than you might think (e.g. fluorescent tubes)! 

Fortunately, we are experienced at dealing with hazardous waste in a safe, lawful and sustainable way.  Our national network enables us to collect nationally and locally to ensure safe and compliant management of your hazardous waste at a competitive price.

We are a “safe pair of hands” when it comes to hazardous waste – we make the complicated seem simple, we will:

  • Provide technical support to analyse and identify your hazardous waste
  • Offer advice on the safe and lawful treatment of the hazardous waste
  • Provide suitable and compliant containment for the safe storage of the hazardous waste at your premises
  • Collect your hazardous waste when you need it or to an agreed schedule that fits with your business and the nature of the hazardous waste
  • Ensure legal compliance throughout (particularly the right paperwork)
  • Give you complete assurance that hazardous waste is treated appropriately


You can also access the Customerzone portal for updates on your hazardous waste service or to share any concerns. Remember, we’re here for you – whether it’s a call, email, or Customerzone message the Greenzone Customer Support Team are on hand to help you when needed. 

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Net Zero by 2030

Greenzone are dedicated to protecting our planet as an environmentally conscious business we hold ISO 14001 and we’re proud co-winners of two Green Apple awards. We’ve already made significant changes to our da-to-day operations to reduce our carbon footprint and reach our net zero target by 2030.

We understand that carbon emissions sometimes can’t be avoided and the most effective way to combat theres are through sustainable offsetting. We have partnered with Tree Nation, a company whose ethos of reforestation, creating local employment and supporting local communities aligns with our own values helping us offer our own carbon emissions and those of our customers.

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