We don’t see waste, we see resource.

Greenzone have been working with clients in the retail sector for over 10 years, helping businesses to achieve real savings in their day-to-day running while increasing recycling and recovery. Retail sites operate in a fast paced environment and have their own unique challenges including access restrictions, lack of space for containers and seasonal surges. Our unparalleled experience in this sector ensures we always provide and maintain excellent service levels.

Why choose Greenzone for your Waste Management?

Customerzone is our tailor made customer service portal that helps your teams manage your day-to-day waste and recycling requirements. Through a system tailored to your operation, you’ll be able to check collection dates, raise a ticket for support from our in-house customer support team, manage invoices and waste transfer notes quickly and easily.

We are not phased by seasonal fluctuations in retail, restrictive bylaws, limited access and space for containers. We know how quickly stock and POS can expire or become obsolete and we have solutions in place for either reuse or recycling, diverting retail waste from landfill and freeing up your valuable space for new stock.

Greenzone aims to reuse and recycle waste wherever possible to provide an environmentally friendly, sustainable and cost-effective business model. We help companies to achieve their CSR objectives through changing the culture of waste management and providing the best fitting solutions for companies to dispose of their waste responsibly.

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