Food Waste

Almost all food can be recycled

If you run a restaurant or café, shop or even a supermarket, then you’ll need to dispose of your Food Waste. Food Waste collection companies, like Greenzone, can help you manage this waste in an ethical and beneficial way. Commercial food waste collection is a consideration for both large and small businesses, and we have the right solution for you whatever your size, we also offer a collection service for used cooking oil.

Why choose Greenzone for your Food waste recycling?

Dependent on the quantity and nature of food waste clients produce, we can provide a range of containment solutions.

Internal food caddie

Trade waste containers – 120ltr and 240ltr bins

Portable compactors

Our dedicated food waste service partners can provide a Zero Waste to Landfill solution, in addition to supporting other sustainability schemes. Most of the food waste is sent to Anaerobic Digestion plants, creating organic fertiliser, slurry, animal food and biogas. In some cases, biodiesel is generated, and used to power the commercial food waste vehicle fleets, supporting the UK circular economy.

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