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We don’t see waste we see resource.

Greenzone are experts in the managing waste for hospitals and healthcare facilities. We offer a fully compliant and ethical solution to managing all waste types expected from a healthcare facility including domestic waste, recyclables, offensive waste, clinical waste, confidential waste and WEEE Recycling. Get in touch with Greenzone today to discuss how we can provide a comprehensive solution to your healthcare organisation.

Why choose Greenzone for your Waste Management?

Our full adaptable Customerzone portal and reporting systems allow for real-time waste information to be viewed at all times. Our industry leading API interfaces allows for seamless data transfer to allow for timely and accurate reporting.

At Greenzone our CSR strategy aligns with our company values. We measure our impact socially and environmentally by focusing on three key areas: people, the environment, and our supply chain. We provide social value and CSR initiatives as standard and will work with you to support your sustainability plan.

Our in-house procurement and auditing teams are fully accredited to manage the governance of risk around your business. As active members of the Slave Free Alliance and the CIWM (Charted Institute of Wastes Management) we are up to date and fully compliant with industry best practice. Our sustainable procurement policy supports us using more SMEs to meet our environmental objectives to increase recycling and divert waste from landfill.

We are experts at auditing your business sites and current waste streams. We advise on improvements to your current processes to save money and we work closely with you to educate on reducing waste at source and increase recycling. Our tried and tested processes are award winning and favour the higher tiers of the Waste Hierarchy. This allows for more cost- effective solutions by ironing out any inefficient service frequencies and finding the most cost- effective processing methods.

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