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Boosting recycling rates and reducing costs is both a smart business move and a responsible environmental choice. At Greenzone we believe in simplifying this process by helping you separate Dry Mixed Recycling (DMR) from your general waste. 

What is DMR? 

DMR comprises of items like plastic bottles, cardboard, paper, tin cans, and aluminium cans. These materials have significant potential for recycling and separating them from your general waste stream is a fundamental step towards a greener and more sustainable operations. 

Compliance with the Waste Hierarchy 

To make recycling more manageable and ensure responsible waste management, we adhere to the principles of the waste hierarchy. This hierarchy outlines a five-tier approach to waste management: Prevention, Re-use, Recycling, Recovery, and Disposal. 

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Our Commitment to the hierarchy 

Greenzone prioritise the waste hierarchy principles in our services, ensuring that waste is managed in the following order: 

Prevention: The best method involves preventing waste generation. 

Re-use: If prevention isn’t possible, reusing items is the next preferred option. 

Recycling: Materials like those in DMR are recycled to reduce environmental impact. 

Recovery: Waste that can’t be recycled is recovered to produce energy or valuable resources. 

Disposal: This is the least preferred method and should be the last resort. 

Applying the hierarchy with DMR Separation 

By separating recyclables from your general waste, you are applying the waste hierarchy effectively. DMR materials are recycled or recovered, aligning with the hierarchy’s principles, and fulfilling a company’s legal requirements. 

Our DMR Service: Simplified for You 

At Greenzone SIMPLICITY is one of our core values. Our DMR service reflects this commitment by offering you a straightforward solution: 

Providing Suitable Bins: We supply suitable bins, including internal options, to facilitate easy DMR collection. 

Educating Your Staff: We educate your staff on effective material segregation, ensuring that the right items end up in the DMR bins. 

Scheduled Collections: We collect DMR on a scheduled basis that suits the amount your business produces, minimising disruptions to your operations. 

Materials Separation: We explore separate collections of the materials in DMR to identify potential rebates, further maximising the benefits of your recycling efforts. 

You can also access the Customerzone portal for updates on your DMR waste service or to share any concerns. Remember, we’re here for you – whether it’s a call, email, or Customerzone message the Greenzone Customer Support Team are on hand to help you when needed. 

Dry Mixed Recycling




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