Baled Commodities

Why choose Greenzone to help you with your baled commodities?

Utilising our extensive supply chain network, Greenzone will help you find the best price for resale for your baled commodities, reducing your overall waste costs and boosting environmental performance. Our dedicated team will support you from material collection to onward sale, ensuring you receive a seamless and compliant service.

Boost your budget with our Waste Baler Service

Commodity waste streams, such as paper, cardboard, plastic, textiles and metal can be baled and resold for reintroduction back into supply chains. Not only is the baling solution environmentally friendly, but also generates revenue in the form of rebates. Sites producing large quantities of commodity materials should consider installing a baler to assist with their commodity waste stream disposal. For maximum market value, baled materials should be stored in a clean, dry area, and free from external contamination.

During service implementation, Greenzone will identify opportunities to reintroduce your baled commodities back into your supply chain, creating a reverse closed-loop waste management solution.

Learn more about leasing or purchasing your own baler here.

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