Multi Tenanted Buildings

Why choose Greenzone for your waste management?

We excel at looking after properties occupied by multiple tenants. Understanding the complexities of managing multiple waste streams and the different requirements of each tenant can be time consuming and stressful. We can fully manage this for you, leaving you to get on with what you do best.

Why choose Greenzone for your Waste Management?

Our full adaptable Customerzone portal and reporting systems allow for real-time waste information to be viewed at all times. Our industry leading API interfaces allows for seamless data transfer to allow for timely and accurate reporting.

At Greenzone our CSR strategy aligns with our company values. We measure our impact socially and environmentally by focusing on three key areas: people, the environment, and our supply chain. We provide social value and CSR initiatives as standard and will work with you to support your sustainability plan.

Operational excellence is our objective, that and reducing your business spend. Our dedicated team will analyse, evaluate and recommend best practice and process improvements, to save your team time and reduce your business costs.

By working with a network of suppliers, we provide flexible and proactive services for your tenants and we can provide onsite support if needed to help improve efficiency, waste segregation and guidance around reuse, recycling and waste prevention.

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