General Waste

While we all strive to minimise the amount of general waste we produce by separating reusable, recyclable, or recoverable materials, the reality is that general waste is a constant in the waste industry.

General waste is dry, light, compactable waste originating from your premises. It’s important that this waste is compactable, as you may have noticed the collection vehicles that tip and compact waste for efficient rounds. Failure to provide compactable waste might cause damage to the collection process.

Additionally, general waste should be dry (no food waste). Liquid leakage from containers or vehicles not only violates regulations but is also unsightly and, let’s face it, unpleasant.

While we have been managing general waste for many years and it is regarded as a day-to-day activity we never become complacent about it.  One of our core values is CURIOSITY which drives us to find innovative solutions to manage general waste to improve recycling and reuse rates.  We see general waste as a resource and our mindset is that of continuous learning and exploration – everyday is a “school day” here at Greenzone. With our general waste service you are in safe hands:

  • We’ll supply you with an appropriate bin suitable for your waste volume
  • We can align scheduled collections with your waste production
  • We’ll handle all necessary paperwork, ensuring lawful and safe services
  • We’re here to help you reduce general waste and boost recycling and recovery efforts


Our Customerzone portal keeps you informed about your General waste service. Remember, we’re here for you – whether it’s a call, email, or Customerzone message the Greenzone Customer Support Team are on hand to help you when needed. 

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Net Zero by 2030

Greenzone are dedicated to protecting our planet as an environmentally conscious business we hold ISO 14001 and we’re proud co-winners of two Green Apple awards. We’ve already made significant changes to our da-to-day operations to reduce our carbon footprint and reach our net zero target by 2030.

We understand that carbon emissions sometimes can’t be avoided and the most effective way to combat theres are through sustainable offsetting. We have partnered with Tree Nation, a company whose ethos of reforestation, creating local employment and supporting local communities aligns with our own values helping us offer our own carbon emissions and those of our customers.

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