🏆 National Recycling Awards Winner 🏆

Greenzone are proud to announce that we have won the National Recycling Awards Partnership Excellence Award for our project ‘The Ministry Of Defence’s delivery of the Greening Government Commitments”. 

We are over the moon to win this award together with our incredible partner Aramark UK and its success lies firmly in the hands of every single team member involved.

Jack Connors, Chief Operating Officer for Greenzone said; “It’s moments like these that highlight the incredible impact we can make when we work together towards a common goal. The Partnership Excellence Award is not just a recognition of our past achievements but also a motivation to continue pushing boundaries and delivering first class services to our clients. We should be immensely proud of this achievement, especially considering the stiff competition from some large, well-known brands.”

Side by Side – Defence, Judicial & Government and Aramark UK said; “This is such an important area for us and our clients Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO), looking at making change for our operations, our planet and our future. Thank you Jack Connors for you and your teams continued support and innovation”

The judges commented that; This partnership truly collaborated across multiple sites and activities to achieve a massive shift in behaviour, leading to significant improvements, despite its challenging and transient audience. It is impressive for its scale and ability to be transferred and replicated.

Louise Taggart, Chief Executive Officer for Greenzone said; “This award means so much! Not only does it demonstrate our strong relationship with Aramark Defence Services, but it is the deserved outcome of the hard work, innovation, and commitment from the teams. This partnership has not only met, but has exceeded, its customer’s environmental targets while delivering excellence in service and customer care. I am immensely proud to have won this award and, more importantly, of the Greenzone team.”

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