But if we cut out plastic bag consumption completely, we could put our savings towards these five super-handy eco treats*.

Reusable coffee cup.

Why not cut out single-use cups as well as bags? This could lead to saving even more too, as many retailers now reward coffee drinkers with discounts when they use eco mugs. Win-win!

A bamboo toothbrush

Cut down on your carbon footprint with a bamboo eco brush. Enjoy having clean teeth without contributing to the plastic pile-up – now that’s something to smile about!

A fancy bar of soap.

Ditch plastic cannisters of liquid soap – it’s all about the bars. You can find them in a whole host of seductive scents and vibrant colours for very little money – and with no plastic packaging.

Recycled, reusable bags.

Bags for life come in all shapes, sizes and colours – so why not invest in one you can be proud to carry? These days, you can find bags that not only save on recycling, but are actually recycled themselves!

A Kilner container.

Using glass rather than plastic to store your food has so many more benefits than looking fancy. Just think, glass is microwave safe, won’t absorb flavours and doesn’t stain! Plus, some stores may even give you discounts on your takeaway lunch if you use a reusable container.

Source: Hive