The Department for Environmental, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) says it will launch its much-anticipated review of the waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) regulations in June
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Anna Ford, policy advisor at Defra, announced the plans at’s Outlook Conference for 2022 on Thursday (27 January).

She said: “We are very confident that we will publish the WEEE and battery consultations this year. Our current target is June.”

Ms Ford said this year’s consultations would be followed by a second round in 2023, before Defra developed the resulting legislative changes and guidance in 2024/25.

The changes will then come into force as legislation in 2025/26, she said.

Ms Ford emphasised that, by contrast to several other reforms to the waste sector in the works, the review would not look to change to much of the current system, whereby obligated manufacturers, sellers, re-branders, and importers of EEE register with compliance schemes.

“Largely, as a principle, we are looking to retain the current system,” she said. “We’re not envisioning a significant departure.”

Ms Ford also said that Paul Hallett, team leader at Defra, was “keen to address” the issue of lead-acid battery recycling before the implementation of any reforms.


Ms Ford said the review would look to “move producer responsibility to the doorstep”.

Defra aims to move EEE up the waste hierarchy and examine eco-modulation options to complement eco-design regulations, including targeting planned obsolescence.

The review will look at greater weighting for reuse evidence, separate reuse and recycling targets, and take-back by retailers and online sellers.

It will also try to improve treatment standards and explore the idea of a single scheme administrator