A Telegraph Sport investigation calling on the Premier League to take more action on the environment was welcomed on Wednesday by campaigners urging football’s wealthy elite to “raise their game” on green causes.

Shaun Spiers, executive director of the independent think-tank Green Alliance, said the 20 top-tier clubs should use their “huge influence” in mobilising supporters to consider their environmental impact.

In the first detailed audit of elite football’s environmental credentials, Telegraph Sport revealed how clubs were under no pressure from the Premier League to cut plastic waste and pollution dramatically. The league believes the difference in the age and standard of stadiums makes it difficult to impose uniform rules.

Arsenal praised Telegraph Sport research, while the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs said it was keen to work closely in helping support proposals for better green standards.

Spiers, who has worked with the Government and charity sector in developing green policy, said: “It’s great that The Telegraph is raising this important issue and asking well-heeled football clubs to raise their game.

“Football clubs are at the heart of communities and can have a huge influence, not only in what they do themselves to reduce their environmental impact, but in communicating its importance to their fans.

“Young people are increasingly worried about climate change and pollution and will be expecting the clubs they support to do more.”

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