Evian has launched a new recycling reward scheme, ‘Return4Reward’, at Wimbledon in partnership with Reward4Waste.

Evian’s ‘Return4Reward’ is a new digital reward scheme launched in partnership with the digital green-tech company, Reward4Waste, which aims to encourage recycling behaviour and support recycling rates at Wimbledon 2022.

The Wimbledon sponsor says ‘Return4Reward’ is designed to encourage the recycling of drinks containers at Wimbledon, via a consumer reward scheme to incentivise recycling.

Consumers who recycle Evian drink containers at the tennis championships can enter a draw to win two pairs of tickets to the Wimbledon 2023 Women’s Finals by scanning the QR code and then the barcode on their Evian bottle or can.

Evian says that it will explore how a digital Deposit Return Scheme (DRS) can be successful in engaging consumers and encouraging recycling.

Through ‘Return4Reward’ visitors to the tennis grand slam championship will be invited to take part in the digital scheme. Evian says the incentive for tennis fans to recycle their drink containers on-site and at specific points around Wimbledon Town itself is the opportunity to win tickets for the Wimbledon 2023 Women’s Finals.

When users scan and place their used bottles in the designated return points, a Hawk-eye animation will appear on their phone screen to the sound of a racket shot. An ‘IN’ tick, similar to a successful line challenge, will then appear showing that the return has been registered. The animation ends with the web app telling the user ‘You’re in the draw’.

Evian says its web app will generate data and insights on recycling behaviour to help explore the role of digital technologies in encouraging recycling and in supporting future DRS initiatives.

Global Circular Economy Manager at Evian, Alexander Cramwinckel, said: “We are determined to become part of the solution to tackle environmental issues on a global scale through adopting a ‘circular approach’ to plastic usage. For more information about increasing your recycling Click Here

“It’s imperative to have an effective and efficient collection system in place to encourage and empower consumers to keep plastic out of nature and in the circular economy.

“That’s why our latest trial at this year’s Wimbledon Championships is a key step in exploring how digital technologies can play a role in helping implement deposit return systems, making recycling as convenient and engaging for consumers as possible.”

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