That’s the view of MPs, who say “fast fashion” is a major contributor to greenhouse gases, water pollution, air pollution and over-use of water.

And they urge the government to force clothing manufacturers to pay more towards collecting and recycling the waste they create.

Green campaigners argue the MPs’ recommendations are really quite tame.

They’re calling for an end to what they regard as the over-consumption of clothes.

Why is it fashionable to fret about fashion?

The fashion industry creates jobs worldwide and is said to be worth £28bn to the UK economy – but it is estimated to produce as many greenhouse gases as all the planes flying in the world.

Libby Peake, from the think-tank Green Alliance, told BBC News: “One of the areas in which you could make a big difference in terms of your personal climate change impact is by reducing the amount of clothes you buy and keeping them for longer, then donating them to charity shops to keep them in the national wardrobe.”

The clothing trade consumes vast volumes of fresh water and creates chemical and plastic pollution. Manmade fibres are found in the bellies of creatures in the deep ocean.

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