Ben Elliot, the co-founder of luxury lifestyle company Quintessentially, is to advise the Government on a £15m fund to support charities redistributing food waste following his appointment as ‘food surplus and waste champion’.

Elliot was appointed by Defra in the wake of the resources and waste strategy. The department said the champion would “work with business leaders to ensure that this issue remains at the top of their agendas”.

His first objective will be to oversee a £15m fund to help divert commercial and retail food from being wasted to people judged in most need.

Elliot is also chair of the Quintessentially Foundation, which has worked with food redistribution charity the Felix Project.

As part of his role, which lasts for one year and is unpaid, he will work with business leaders to support the Coutauld Commitment 2025.

The fund will be launched this year and will cover 2019 to 2020. Environment secretary Michael Gove recently told the Environmental Audit Committee it had not yet been finalised that that he was “open to all ideas” on how the scheme should work.

But he confirmed that it is intended for food distribution charities such as the Felix Project and FareShare, which would need to submit bids. He added: “At this stage we are looking at a particular partner which would then be responsible for giving the money to organisations that would bid for it.”

According to WRAP, around 205,000 tonnes of food could be redistributed rather than going to waste

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