But we’re a forgetful bunch, so more often than not we end up getting to the till, realising we’ve left our bag at home again, and handing over those extra pennies for a guilty bit of plastic.

Morrisons is trying another way to reduce our plastic use.

From April onwards, all Morrisons stores will offer paper carrier bags to customers rather than plastic ones.

The paper bags will be priced at 20p – the same price as a standard Morrisons plastic carrier bag. Over the last year Morrisons has removed 5p plastic bags, which led to a 25% reduction in overall bag sales.

But unlike your regular plastic bag, the paper ones can be easily recycled as well as being reused.

They’re made in Wales using paper from sustainably managed forests, and are strong enough to carry weights up to 16kg.

So next time you forget your fancy fabric tote, you won’t have to guiltily grab a plastic bag – you can get a paper bag and know you’re not committing a terrible crime against the environment.

Andy Atkinson, group customer and marketing director at Morrisons, said:’We are taking another meaningful step that will remove an estimated 1,300 tonnes of plastic out of the environment each year.

‘Our customers have told us that reducing plastic is their number one environmental concern so introducing the paper bag across the nation will provide another way of reducing the plastic in their lives.’

This isn’t the first move Morrisons has made to reduce plastic waste.

They previously announced that customers can bring their own containers to butchers and fishmongers counters, removed plastic packaging from a bunch of products, and have moved all loose fruit and vegetables to be sold in paper rather than plastic bags.

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