How well do you know your waste?

Small and medium-sized businesses have a vital role to play in the UK’s efforts to tackle the climate crisis. While SME’s individual environmental footprints may appear relatively small, in the UK their combined environmental impact is estimated to be more significant than big organisation with most environmental legislation still being aimed at larger organisations.

SMEs are extremely diverse and often less well-resourced than larger businesses, so becoming greener is no easy task. Moreover, while most SMEs recognise they can and should do more to reduce their environmental impact, business owners and managers often struggle to find the time and money to invest in initiatives – or simply don’t know where to begin. 

When you’re busy running a business, it’s easy to lose track of the impact that your waste could be having on the environment and your pocket. That’s why Greenzone are here to assess your waste materials and offer responsible waste solution so you can focus on your business, knowing your waste and recycling is in safe hands. We will advise on how to reduce wastage and increase recycling rates which can save your business money and contribute towards environmental savings. We share advice about how SMEs can go greener and contribute to a more sustainable future, from increased recycling and cutting waste to reducing energy consumption and we can also support your business with a zero-to-landfill strategy if needed.   

No matter the size or industry, we are pleased to offer every business a free audit so you can get to know about your waste. During an audit, a Greenzone specialist will review your site and look at your current waste operation and the amount of waste you are producing. From this our team will create a cost-effective waste management plan which summaries our findings to help you efficiently recycle and set responsible targets to work towards and ultimately save you money.   

We can help you increase your recycling rates and reduce your overall waste costs and on average our SME customers save between 5% and 30% on their current outgoings when they switch to us. We make sure your business is fully compliant without the added cost and administration of using a range of different suppliers. Our digital customer platform Customerzone is super easy to use and will ensure you are fully always supported and have access to your account whenever you need it.   

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