Here at Greenzone we take training seriously and give our employees the skills and knowledge to do their job effectively. Learning at work week is a one-of-a-kind yearly event which aligns with our company core value curiosity which drives positive change to increase productivity and better working relationships.

When an employee joins the company, they are invited to undertake mandatory training modules through our new learning management system. We know that when an employee is fully inducted into the business, that they have all the tools to do their job effectively. We train our employees well so that we have great levels of motivation & productivity across the work force. Throughout Learning At Work week we will be holding drop in sessions so everyone gets an overview of the new system and can make suggestions for upcoming training.

Continuous professional development is key to Greenzones’ business evolving so that we can provide an industry leading service to our customers. In September 2022 the “Leadership and Management Programme – Route to Success” was launched. The course was developed with 4 modules covering aspects such as effective communication, leading through change and feedback and communication.

COO, Jack Connors who recently completed the training said, “The main things I took away from the training was the importance of effective communication and feedback in leadership and management and key strategies for leading teams through change and supporting them in adapting to new situations.’ 

Customer Support Manager, Katy Turkington said “The modules we covered will have a huge impact on me developing and understanding my Leadership and Management style. I found this beneficial as it made me realise that there were things that I was already doing well, however it also allowed me to recognise the areas that I can develop and improve on.

Jacqui Walton HR & payroll manager said “My approach to leadership and management has changed completely. I feel we have a more efficient and professional department due to the training we have had recently.”

Soon we have a graduation ceremony planned for those who have completed the course. The next cohort of attendees due to start at the end of June.

Lunch and learns form a key part of our informal training programme where everyone from around the business is invited to have lunch and learn more about different areas of the business. It gives everyone the opportunity to expand their knowledge on Greenzone’s operations and we have a number of these planned in the coming months.

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