New Year Clear Out – Lets talk about skips

At Greenzone we know businesses typically generate substantial quantities of waste, including hazardous materials, electrical waste and sensitive documents in addition to regular weekly recycling & general waste.

Commercial skips are invaluable when dealing with large volumes of waste generated during various projects such as refurbishments, office or retail unit revamps and office clear-outs. In the process of selecting the appropriate skip size, businesses often find it beneficial to conduct an assessment of their waste volume. Greenzone offer a free site or desktop waste audit that offers an expert evaluation of your waste and recommends the most cost-effective skip size and collection frequency.

It’s worth noting that the skips and accompanying lorries, particularly the roll-on-roll-off types, may have increased weight and Greenzone takes this into consideration and advise on the necessary space for both delivery and removal. Additionally, when it becomes necessary to position a skip in a public space, we will secure the required skip permit on your behalf, ensuring strict compliance with regulations.

We understand the importance of recycling and using environmentally responsible practices. Greenzone’s suppliers actively segregate collected waste which supports our objective to increase recycling and divert waste from Landfill demonstrating our commitment to eco-friendly waste recovery.

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