Bosses say that the Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plant, once commissioned, will deliver 49.5 MW of electricity to the local grid- the equivalent of around 90,000 homes.

Around half a million tonnes of post recycling and sorted dry waste material will be brought to the site by road in lorries.

They will discharge their loads inside a specially designed and enclosed unloading hall.

Negative air pressure will be maintained to prevent odours and dust particles escaping into the outside environment.

Ray Tucker, MD of Graythorp Energy, said the privately financed project will create 40 permanent jobs.

“Over 25 years or more of operation, [the plant] will provide to the wider local economy an estimated net combined employment income of more than £1m per annum in today’s money.”

Hartlepool Borough Council predict 300 people will be employed on site during the three-year construction phase.

A planning application for the project is expected to be submitted by the end of the month and a public consultation has been opened.

A public exhibition of the project is also taking place on Tuesday 21 May.

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