Mr. Juan Muzzi, original from Uruguay and now settled in Brazil, came up with the idea. Mr. Muzzi is a graduated in engineering and fine Arts. After his study he found himself more interested in his creative side.

Mr. Muzzi found the idea of the circular economy very interesting. This led to the creation of the recycled plastic bicycle and as a result the company; Muzzicycles.

The plastic waste is crushed til ir become small grains. Than the grains are heated till they get liquid. An additive is added to give the material more strength. Than the liquid is deposited in a injection machine which – under high pressure – sprays the liquid in a moult. Less than 4 minutes later the frame of the recycle plastic bicycle is ready. Muzzicycles gives a lifetime warranty for it’s bicycles. The bicycle cost around $ 700,00 or € 610,00

The whole process uses more ten 90% less energy than a traditional one and a minimum of water. At this day, Mr. Muzzi used already about 15 tons of plastic and manufactured more than 130.000 bicycles. The bicycle are available in different colours and the ring sizes 24, 27 and 29.

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