When asked to pinpoint their priorities for the new year, respondents ranked ‘helping the planet and taking action towards living a more sustainable lifestyle’ second (40%) behind exercising more (48%).

More than half of Brazilian respondents (51%) intend to prioritise eco-conscious activity. Additionally, 81% of overall respondents want to be more sustainable in 2021, ranging from 94% of Indonesians to 65% in Germany. Comparing those who’ve made resolutions previously against those who intend to make one this year, the data also showed a 5% rise in the respondents who say they will make a new year’s resolution relating to the environment for 2021 (32% overall) compared to previous years (27%).

The findings are part of Garnier’s One Green Step Report which looks at the scale of the shift towards environmentally focused resolutions in 2021 and suggests that 2020 was a significant wakeup call for many for the need to take further green steps to protect our planet.

Looking more closely at specific aspects of sustainability respondents intend to focus on in 2021, reducing plastic consumption was ranked first overall (69%) in the majority of countries.

Recycling more generally is a priority for nearly two-thirds overall (65%), with those in Brazil (77%) and India (72%) showing the greatest planned commitment.

Despite people’s best intentions, a much lower proportion (16%) will abstain from air travel or stop driving (29%). Meanwhile, UAE respondents are the most likely to stop buying fast fashion (38%).

A green resolution

Encouragingly, more than three-quarters overall believe keeping a green resolution will be easier now than the past (78%) with those in India (91%) and UAE (90%) the most optimistic.

Living through Covid-19 has made almost 4 in 10 respondents (who also said it will now be easier to stick to a resolution) re-evaluate their priorities (40%) prompting them to opt for greener lifestyles.

Just over a third of this group of respondents (36%) say keeping a green resolution will be easier now they are more knowledgeable about the environment.

Garnier’s Global Brand President, Adrien Koskas, comments, ‘This report proves that 2020 was a wakeup call to protect our planet. The research looks at 8 countries, across 4 continents and shows that 2020 has acted as a stark reminder that we all need to take steps towards a greener planet.

‘At Garnier we are trying to take green steps to do just that – in 2020 we launched our end-to-end approach to sustainability – Green Beauty – which came with a wave of sustainable innovations, like our first ever solid shampoo bar with zero plastic waste, reusable eco-pads for removing makeup, and this year 100% recycled and recyclable bottles in our Fructis haircare range.

‘Also, we hope to inform our consumers by publishing environmental impact scores of all our haircare products, launched in France and launching in the UK, US and Germany this year. The aim is to empower our consumers to take one green step by making a more sustainable choice.’

A total of 40% of those who said the last year made them think differently about their behaviours say the pandemic has made them feel more accountable for their actions (57% in Brazil, 22% in Indonesia).

A similar proportion (41%) state 2020 was a ‘wake-up call’ to protect the environment; this was felt most in Brazil (56%). Just over a third have appreciated their environment and nature more than before (36%), with Indonesians the most aware (43%).

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