Via Loop, UK consumers can now conveniently order and responsibly consume a wide variety of products like beverages, sauces, yogurt, shampoo, soaps, moisturiser, toothpaste, and washing detergent in customised, brand-specific and private label, durable refillable packaging.

When they order via, consumers pay a deposit fee on each piece of packaging, that is fully refunded to them upon final return of the packaging.

They receive their durable products in Loop’s exclusively designed reusable shipping tote bag.

After use, consumers place the empty containers back into their Loop tote and then have a variety of return options – go online to schedule a pickup from their home (which can be combined with their next delivery) or drop off the tote and empty packaging at one of the 2,500 DPD collection points across the UK.

Loop sorts and professionally cleans the packaging and tote bag to stringent health & safety standards so that each product may be safely refilled by the manufacturer.

Cleaned and refilled products are simultaneously replenished as needed to the consumer, creating a convenient and safe zero waste shopping system.

Loop has already engaged with multiple consumer product companies, both large and small including the likes of Heinz Tomato Ketchup (Heinz), Coca-Cola (Coca-Cola European Partners), Danone, Nivea (Beiersdorf), REN Clean Skincare, Love Beauty and Planet, Persil (Unilever), Molton Brown (KAO), Finish (RB), Bulldog Skincare, Jackpot Peanut Butter, BrewDog, Join the Pipe, La Biscuiterie de Provence, Chestnut Cheeks and NOICEcare.

These brands and many more will all be available via the Loop platform now or in the near future.

Consumers who want to sign up for the Loop UK e-commerce pilot are encouraged to visit and sign up to start shopping for everyday products delivered in reusable packaging.

Tesco has partnered with Loop as a part of its 4R Remove, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle strategy to understand how a shopping service using reusable packaging can work in the UK..

Tesco has supported with its expertise in online shopping, network of suppliers and will be inviting customers to test the service. Both companies will work together with a view of making products in reusable packaging available at Tesco’s stores as early as 2021.

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