With so much negative press in the UK media around the use of disposable vapes Greenzone looks at the environmental impact and costs of them! 

Disposable vape have become increasingly popular due to their availability, convenience and ease of use however, they come at a significant environmental cost. Below we look at the reasons why disposable vape are so bad for the environment, and why they are more expensive in the long run compared to reusable vaping devices and bottles of e-liquid. 

Environmental Impact 

Electronic waste: Disposable vapes are single-use items which means they end up in the landfill after use. Each vape contains a tiny button battery which creates a significant amount of electronic waste which is harmful to the environment and the materials used in vape devices, such as plastics, and metals which can take hundreds of years to decompose. 

Plastic pollution: Disposable vapes are often made of plastic, which is a major contributor to plastic pollution. Plastics do not biodegrade and can take up to 1000 years to decompose and as a result, disposable vape devices contribute to the accumulation of plastic waste in oceans and landfills, which is harmful to wildlife and ecosystems. 

Chemicals: Disposable vapes often contain harmful chemicals, such as nicotine, propylene glycol, and other additives. When these devices are disposed of in landfills, these chemicals can leach into the soil and groundwater, potentially causing harm to the environment. 

Carbon footprint: The production and transportation of disposable vape devices contribute to carbon emissions, which is harmful to the environment. The materials used to produce these devices, such as plastics and metals, require a significant amount of energy to produce and transport, which contributes to greenhouse gas emissions. 

Cost Comparison 

Upfront cost: Disposable vapes are often less expensive than reusable vapes and bottles of e-liquid however, this cost difference is only apparent in the short term. Reusable vapes require an initial investment, but can be used multiple times, making them more cost-effective in the long run s make disposables very expensive in the long-run! 

Replacement cost: Disposable vapes need to be replaced after each use, while reusable vaping devices only require the occasional replacement of coils or batteries. Over time, the cost of purchasing disposable devices will far exceed the cost of purchasing a reusable device. 

E-liquid cost: Disposable vapes often contain less e-liquid than reusable devices, making them more expensive in the long run. While reusable devices require the initial purchase of e-liquid, they are often more cost-effective because they can be refilled multiple times. 

Environmental cost: The environmental cost of disposable vape devices should also be factored into the cost comparison. The cost of cleaning up electronic waste, reducing plastic pollution, and addressing the environmental impact of harmful chemicals far exceeds the cost of purchasing reusable devices and bottles of e-liquid. 

Disposable vapes are harmful to the environment and more expensive in the long run compared to reusable vaping devices and bottles of e-liquid. The environmental impact of disposable vapes includes electronic waste, plastic pollution, chemicals, and carbon emissions. In addition, the cost of purchasing disposable devices far exceeds the cost of purchasing reusable devices and bottles of e-liquid when the environmental cost is factored in, and when you take into consideration that they only hold 2ml of e-liquid.  

A DEFRA spokesperson said: “All electrical waste should be properly disposed of and recycled to protect our environment – this includes disposable vape pens. 

“Our Environmental Improvement Plan sets out our plan to review rules for the collection and recycling of waste electricals this year. As part of this, we will consider what changes in legislation are needed to ensure the vaping sector foots the bill for the collection and treatment of their used products.” 

It is essential that consumers consider the environmental impact and long-term cost when choosing between disposable and reusable vaping devices. By making an informed choice, we can reduce our impact on the environment and save money in the long run.