The Guardian stated that the change will increase production costs, but that feedback from readers has made the decision clear. The new wrapping has so far only been introduced in London, Kent, Essex, Hertfordshire, Norfolk and Suffolk, but will be rolled out across the entire country.

The material used will break down in both industrial composting plants and garden compost heaps; it should not be placed in normal recycling bins or taken to plastic bag recycling points.

Advice printed on the new compostable wrapping states that it can be disposed of in a well-maintained home compost heap, a garden waste bin or a food waste bin. However, this advice may not be relevant for every reader, as not all councils accept biodegradable or compostable plastics in their food waste bins.

In fact, only councils whose food waste is processed at an industrial composting plant will be able to accept the wrappers in food bins. Many councils send their food waste for anaerobic digestion (AD), which sees the waste processed in the absence of oxygen – compostable materials need oxygen to break down

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