The company announced that it would roll out its Love Beauty and Planet (LBP) line – which includes a range of face masks, shampoos, conditioners and shower gels – in the UK earlier this week, after its fully-recycled and 100% recyclable packaging proved popular among millennials in North America.

The launch of the LBP products falls under Unilever’s Sustainable Living division, which aims to integrate sustainability into the group’s products and values, according to the company’s vice president of beauty and personal care for the UK and Ireland, Chris Barron.

“LBP reflects our passion at Unilever to enable everyone to live more sustainably and consciously by highlighting the simple steps we can all take to help make a better future for our planet,” said Barron.

“We have never been more aware of the need to be more responsible in the choices we make, even for something as simple as which shampoo we choose to use, so we are delighted to have embarked on this exciting journey. I believe that together, we truly can help make a genuine impact, whilst making the world a more beautiful place.”

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