Workplaces across the UK can be the power plants of the future.

That’s according to the results of a new survey of nearly 600 UK companies conducted by Centrica Business Solutions, which says 81% of those firms already generating their own onsite power aim to step up the amount they are generating over the next five years.

It notes around 70% of businesses already recognise the need to be more flexible with how they generate and consume energy and suggests this is in part driven by the increasing importance of environmental and social responsibility, which is now regarded as the third most important priority behind financial prudence and efficiency.

The report highlights only an eighth of businesses are currently successfully balancing economic and environmental performance successfully.

Profitability is also driving onsite renewable generation – a fifth of firms now view energy as an asset that can be traded, unlocking revenue streams and competitive advantage through the use of smart technology, such as demand side response.

The report shows around 36% view energy security as a substantial risk to their long-term success, which is another business area that can be bolstered by onsite generation, as a result of removing the reliance on fluctuating energy supplies and prices.

Ian Hopkins, Sales Director at Centrica Business Solutions, said: “Speaking to our customers, they’re seeing a number of wider benefits as a direct result of investing in on-site energy generation.

“For example, many report improved brand perception because they can better demonstrate energy efficiency and low carbon credentials, while others are able to create additional revenue from selling electricity back to the grid.”

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