One Year On, Our Journey with the Slave Free Alliance

The start of our journey We joined the Slave Free Alliance in September 2021 to demonstrate our commitment to ending Modern Slavery and obtain guidance on how we could improve our practices and eliminate slavery in our supply chain. As a waste broker, we arrange waste and resource management services for our clients. We don’t […]

Greenzone is an Accredited Living Wage Employer

Greenzone is an accredited Living Wage Employer. This means that every employee working for us will earn a real Living Wage. Independently calculated, it’s an hourly rate of pay based on the actual cost of living, higher than the government’s minimum or national living wage. The real living wage is currently £9.90 in the UK, […]

Greenzone WINS Business of the Year Award 2022

Greenzone attended the Newark Business Awards held at the Newark Showgrounds last week. These awards bring together the best businesses in Newark, to recognise their fantastic achievements over the last 12 months and we’re delighted to have won Business of the Year. As a local family business, we’ve been through a lot of change following […]

Greenzone Sponsors Environmental Champion Award at the Newark Business Awards 2022

Hill Holt Wood Win Environmental Champion Award

 Environmental Champion Winner 2022 This was the first year that Greenzone attended the awards as well as sponsoring a new award, “Environmental Champion”, which recognised businesses in the Newark area who had made significant steps to create a sustainable business that had far reaching impacts on the local community. Hill Holt Wood  Judging this category […]

Our Top 10 Circular Economy Trends

Top 10 Circular Trends In The Waste Industry Before we talk about the top 10 circular trends in the waste industry, we need to explore what the term circular economy means.  Globally we have a very wasteful economic model, we take materials from the Earth, we produce products that are then thrown away as waste […]

Government ‘needs to legislate for consistent recycling labelling

OPRL, the UK’s world-leading resources and recycling not-for-profit, is today (8 September) launching its #MakeItEasy campaign, spearheading a broad coalition of brands, retailers and organisations campaigning to ensure the benefits of its existing world-class labelling are not undermined by a free for all in label design, confusing consumers and reducing effective recycling.. As the Environment […]

WRAP launches Textiles 2030 ‘Ten years to transform textiles’

Textiles 2030 is WRAP’s new ground-breaking, expert-led initiative, harnessing the knowledge and expertise of UK leaders in sustainability to accelerate the whole fashion and textiles industry’s move towards circularity and system change in the UK. Textiles 2030 has already secured commitment from numerous brands and retailers, re-use/recycling organisations and affiliates. The first major high-street names […]

Survey shows, people want the government to green the tax system

The new survey findings suggest people want the government to do, and spend, more on the environment, with 80 per cent believing the government should be responsible for dealing with environmental issues. 62 per cent said they want higher government spending to address them. The survey found that people believe they can do more, too, […]

First of its kind Online Repair Directory launches in Wales

As a successful recipient of the Welsh Government’s Circular Economy fund, the Repair Directory was developed by lead Council, Blaenau Gwent County Borough Council, working with Resource Efficiency Wales and The Restart Project. As per the original London based Repair Directory, the user can input their postcode/area into the online platform, along with other selectable […]

Waste not, wontons: innovator recycled 32m restaurant chopsticks

The idea was born over trays of sushi. Felix Böck, then a PhD student at Canada’s University of British Columbia, was venting his frustration over the scant interest in his proposal to use waste wood from demolition and construction sites. How, he wondered, could he convince people that there’s no such thing as waste, but […]

Amsterdam Green Coins Initiative.

Amsterdam is a bicycle-loving metropolis. Around 60% of trips around the inner city are done on a bike, making its claim to be an environmentally-friendly capital substantial. Their Green Coin Initiative further bolsters that assertion. Starting off as a pilot project in Amsterdam’s Noord District, residents are rewarded for recycling their plastic items with green […]