New Year Clear Out – Lets talk about skips

New Year Clear Out – Lets talk about skips At Greenzone we know businesses typically generate substantial quantities of waste, including hazardous materials, electrical waste and sensitive documents in addition to regular weekly recycling & general waste. Commercial skips are invaluable when dealing with large volumes of waste generated during various projects such as refurbishments, […]

The Environmental Impact of Vapes  

With so much negative press in the UK media around the use of disposable vapes Greenzone looks at the environmental impact and costs of them!  Disposable vape have become increasingly popular due to their availability, convenience and ease of use however, they come at a significant environmental cost. Below we look at the reasons why […]

How well do you know your waste? 

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Small and medium-sized businesses have a vital role to play in the UK’s efforts to tackle the climate crisis. While SME’s individual environmental footprints may appear relatively small, in the UK their combined environmental impact is estimated to be more significant than big organisation with most environmental legislation still being aimed at larger organisations. SMEs […]

Fast Fashion & the Waste Industry

Textiles including clothing is the world’s third-largest manufacturing industry which is responsible for up to 10% of global emissions which occur throughout the clothing supply chain. To meet the demands of people wanting new cheap clothes, there has been an international expansion of fast-fashion retailers which are exacerbating the impacts of the environment. The “make […]

The finalists for the Excellence in Recycling and Waste Management awards have been selected!

Greenzone shortlisted

Greenzone are pleased to announce that they have been shortlisted for the award for Waste management initiative in the retail, commercial and public sector for their project The Ministry Of Defence’s delivery of the Greening Government Commitments 4 Years Early working in partnership with Aramark. The Greening Government Commitments (GGCs) set out actions that the […]